The incredible story of budding actors, screenwriters and directors trying to make it in the city of stars has already become a huge hit. After only dropping on May 1st, it seems it is bound to be an overnight sensation. The series was created by the man behind amazing TV shows such as Glee, American Horror Story and The Politician. Yes, we are talking about Mr. Ryan Murphy. A man who came to Los Angeles with 55 dollars in his pocket to find the American Dream.

The show’s instant success has had everyone wondering if there will be a second season or not. This is what we know so far…

First of all, like the ones who came before, ‘Hollywood’ is a miniseries, which means there was only an intention to make just one season. As of now there are no plans for another season, but again this can change and will probably depend on the success of the series overall.

Other known miniseries on Netflix are Godless, Green Frontier, Maniac, The Defenders, The English Game, Unbelievable and When They See Us. The only one going from miniseries on Netflix to multiple seasons was the South-Korean zombie-horror Kingdom.

Similar to the motion with Unbelievable, you have a rich history in Hollywood, and despite leveraging creative liberties with history, there are tons of different stories yet to be told of tinseltown.
Alternatively, a play designed around an alternate history could be fun to watch, certainly the influence that ‘Meg’ would have had in Ryan Murphy’s world of Hollywood. Ryan is absolutely no stranger to anthologies, two of his most popular series, American Horror Story and American Crime Story are, so what’s a third to add to the streaming collection, right?