Since its premiere on July 21, 2017, ‘Ozark’ has been winning the hearts of the audiences and critics for its gripping storyline fuelled by dark realism, brilliant performances, and bleak and immersive cinematography by Ben Kutchins. The crime drama follows the life of Marty Bryde, who leads a double life as a financial advisor and a money launderer for a dangerous Mexican drug cartel. When things go south, he moves his family from Chicago to Ozark, to conduct his business and keep them safe.

Thankfully, Ozark Season 3 is now available to stream on Netflix and will answer all of the lingering questions viewers have been tossing around their heads for the better part of two years.

Spoiler alert for season 3 followers!

When we last left Ozark in Season 2, everything came to a head and hard decisions had to be made that would ultimately impact the future. Season 3 picks up six months later. On Wendy’s insistence, the Brydes give up their decision to move from Ozark, which causes a rift between the husband and wife. The season revolves around the Bryde family’s mammoth undertakings surrounding the riverboat casino. Throughout the season, Helen tries her best to turn Navarro against the Brydes, and Ruth struggles to evade the scrutiny of Frank Cosgrove Jr. In the intense finale, Navarro kills Helen, giving Marty and Wendy a reward for their loyalty. In a weird turn of events, Ben meets his fate and dies, causing Ruth to gang up with Darlene and turn on the Brydes. Ben’s death also leaves an impact on Jonah. But fortunately, the Brydes are alive.

While the first two season have been critically acclaimed, the third season so far has garnered the best reviews of the series’ run and holds a stunning 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (compared to the first and second seasons’ 70% and 76% respectively).

Season 4?

Season 4 is going to be a hectic ride for fans of the Bryde family. With Ruth joining hands with Darlene, there is a high chance that the two might band together with the KC mob to wreak havoc on Marty and Wendy’s business. After killing Helen over the duo, Navarro might have the upper hand over them. A bitter power struggle might ensue if all the rival factions turn against the Brydes, causing them to fight for their survival as a family. Since Wendy is responsible for Ben’s death, will Jonah leave the side of his family to join the opposition? It’s a long stretch, but since the dynamics of the show change at a heartbeat, anything can happen.