Fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ have some bad news to deal with. The tenth season of the zombie apocalypse television series had to be cut short due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait longer than usual for Season 10 Episode 16 of ‘The Walking Dead.’ This is because a lockdown ordered due to the Coronavirus pandemic led to a delay in post-production work. The episode will be released “later this year”, according to AMC’s official website. The episode will be released as a special episode, and might not be considered a part of the tenth season. But if you cannot wait any longer, here is a sneak peek to who is the masked person.



So who could it be? Let’s get a few likely incorrect guesses out of the way ASAP.

The masked person is not from The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It’s also not Morgan. I don’t care if the timelines between The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead are dissimilar. It’s not him. If they make him a kama expert, then he’s basically Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe, and that would be stupid and irrational.
Also, it’s not Dwight because, let’s be honest, he looks like he’d more likely have a Marlboro Red in each hand rather than a Japanese farming tool. Finally, it’s not Virgil, because he just doesn’t have that skill set.

I leave it up to you, let your imagination do the trick.

Will The Walking Dead leave Netflix?

We also hear rumours of people saying that AMC will pull The Walking Dead from Netflix. This will eventually be the case but for now, Netflix operates this license on a legacy contract. That means it’ll stay on Netflix so long as new seasons release and once the show has ended, the show will leave after a few years.