Knocking it out of the park once again, Narcos: Mexico returned in fine form and was arguably even better than the first season. The finale of the series has left us with plenty to discuss, and a huge shake-up will see some bloody and incredible developments in season 3?

Narcos started as a show about Pablo Escobar, a real-life and probably one of the most notorious gangsters who outdid even the most outrageous fictional ones. The show built a compelling two-season crime thriller around his astonishing life and death. But while Escobar died, Narcos — a hit that premiered in 2015, when Netflix was rapidly building its streaming empire — needed to go on. A third season followed with the other Colombian counterpart, the Cali cartel. Then a spinoff, Narcos: Mexico, tracked a parallel cartel in Central America, more specifically Mexico. And it sure wasn’t a mistake as Mexico became the drug epicentre of the world when momentum shifted.

Narcos: Mexico is the story of Mexico’s first drug kingpin, Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo. Season 2 that premiered in February details the dramatic implosion of Gallardo’s empire, a collapse that makes for extremely bingeable television. Certainly in the current times we live in. The collapse stems directly from brash and bold actions taken during his ascent — most directly, the murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena, which sends agent Walt Breslin (DEA) on a reckless mission of retribution. There are also bridges burned along the way, friendships set ablaze to use as fuel for ambition that leave many eager to see Gallardo out of power.

Without Félix as the figurehead connecting and harmonising each of the plazas, they would become independent and fight each other for more power and money. The entire time Félix maintained peace in Mexico, but his arrest left “all of the animals run free” and war and bloodshed await. Certainly between Tijuana and Sinaloa, and from what history tells us the two cartels go to war. With Félix in prison, the series will need a new antagonist, and that will be none other than Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. The war on drugs has only just begun.